Instructions for Submission

How to Complete the CGC Submission Form

Below is an example of our submission form. Please remember to fill it out completely and correctly to avoid any delays.

CGC Submission Form Part 1
Select a Tier Service (one tier per form). Remember that turnaround times are estimates only!
CGC Submission Form Part 2
Choose your method of return
Where you want your lobby cards to be returned.
CGC Submission Form Part 3
Fill in the quantity, the year, the studio, the title / description, the NSS #, the country released, the certification # and the fair market value here.
Don’t forget to total the value of your cards.
CGC Submission Form Part 4
Indicate your method of payment.

Answers to Common Submission Questions:

1. All lobby cards MUST BE SUBMITTED in Mylars or bags, with backing boards. Any Mylars and backboards cannot be returned.

2. Return shipping to locations outside the US requires special duties and shipping charges. Please call or e-mail [email protected] for special arrangements regarding your submissions from outside the US BEFORE sending your lobby card to CGC.

3. Submission forms that are incorrect or incomplete could experience delays.

4. All prices for grading are PER lobby card.

5. Turnaround times are estimates only, and ARE NOT GUARANTEED. In periods of high demand and based on the number of submissions received in the same day and preceding days, turnaround times can take significantly longer.

6. CGC does not provide insurance for lobby cards shipped from its facility to you. The carrier you choose may provide limited coverage. Due to the fragile nature of lobby cards, CGC urges you to investigate and secure proper means of insuring your lobby cards against damage in transit.

Shipping your Lobby Cards

To pack your lobby cards, each lobby card MUST BE PLACED in a Mylar sleeve or bag WITH BACKING BOARD, then place them between two firm pieces of cardboard. Secure the cardboard to provide a firm support on the top and bottom of the lobby cards. Then place them in a box with cushioning material around it, being sure to include the CGC submission invoice and a check for payment or your credit card information. If you’re sending more than one submission invoice, please pack the appropriate lobby cards and submission invoices grouped together using a safe, appropriate method. Be sure your package is properly registered and insured for delivery to CGC. CGC is not responsible for damage to any item while in transit to CGC.

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